Recent Before & After Photos

Big tree in Beaverton fell through two homes

Two homes in Beaverton had a tree that fell due to the wind storm, falling through one of the houses and damaging another. We could not start work due to the si... READ MORE

Tree smack on Hillsboro home

This home located in Hillsboro had a tree smack that occurred due to the wind storm. A heavy limb had fallen and damaged the roof causing a big hole that allowe... READ MORE

Portland House had a tree limb through roof

A home located in Portland had a tree limb that went through the roof during the wind storm that occurred. Our crew started work by removing the tree limb from ... READ MORE

Wind puts tree limb through roof in Forest Grove

During the wind storm that occurred, A Home in Forest Grove had tree limb go though the roof of a detached garage.  The Hole that was created allowed water... READ MORE

Astoria Hotel floods

A hotel located in Astoria had a gas line leak that caught on fire, which lead to the fire suppression system to turn on flooding the entire first floor. Once o... READ MORE

Plaza broken sprinkler line

In a Plaza located in Warrenton, a business was having construction work being done when a sprinkler line accidentally broke by a worker. When our crew arrived ... READ MORE

Car caught on fire in parking garage

This is a recent job that came in located in Hillsboro. A car had caught on fire inside of the parking garage. It took our crew several days to clean the struct... READ MORE

Portland business pipe broke in warehouse

While a business in Portland was getting new insulation installed in their warehouse, a scissor lift hit a water valve during the insulation causing an excessiv... READ MORE

Busted pipe in Warrenton

A customer came home to a broken pipe behind the toilet. The whole house was affected, affecting the walls, carpet and laminate flooring. The crawlspace had sta... READ MORE

Hillsboro home had Pin hole leak in the wall

A customer had notice that his laminate floor began a to buckle and found moisture on the of the floor as well. After our crew got on site and inspected the sit... READ MORE