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Supporting Property Managers

We are grateful to have been able to sponsor and be a part of a charity golf event that surrounds professionals in the property management and maintenance industry.  Thanks for letting us take part!  SERVPRO regularly takes part in various trade association and charity events.  We really enjoy being a supporting partner in the property management, maintenance and restoration industry.  We look forward to supporting these folks every year for decades to come.  

We arrive on scene typically after a catastrophic event has occurred.  Being able to see our customers and all those around them address these events through to a happy ending is very rewarding.   

Multi-Tenant Facility Near Aloha

It was an amazing site to see. A fire started on the second floor triggering the sprinkler system. 2 Total floors were damaged and we were able to keep every tenant accept 1 in their unit during the repair process.  This facility is for folks that have special needs and they require assistance from the staff regularly.  We are so grateful they chose us to be the restoration company to trust to keep them, their tenants and their facility on track when a fire derailed it.  This was a very rewarding project for us and we are very happy we could assist.